It is before the UNISTREAM Bank was created that the UNISTREAM system had come to the market. It happened in 2001 when a new department was set up in Uniastrum Bank and a new system of money transfers came into being which was even innovative in many ways.What was this innovativeness about? The bank’s experts analyzed the market and concluded that the money transfer service was virtually unaffordable to potential customers because of extremely high pricing. At the same time, more and more people needed a reliable and inexpensive method of sending money to their families. The UNISTREAM system was developed taking into consideration the increasing migration flows and economic growth in general.The lowest prices were offered to customers – from 1% of the money transfer amount. And the service quality was at a level not lower than more expensive market players could offer.The demand turned out to be immense, and the number of customers was growing quickly.

Transfers to Europe:


Worldwide transfers

Tariffs on money transfers by countries


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