Malta- one of the top countries to visit

This little island nation has a lot to offer the curious traveller, with a rich, fascinating history and with traces of various cultures and foreign rulers who left their mark on Malta and its culture. Malta is awash with various points of interest within old village cores, the countryside and by the sea which allows visitors to delve into the country’s past, get to know its art scene, and imagine times-gone-by.

The Blue Lagoon: A slice of Paradise in Malta

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Malta’s capital city Valletta has been voted one of Lonely Planet’s top ten cities to visit in 2015 and is getting ready to be European Capital of Culture in 2018. This beautiful fortified city is perched above the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by stone walls, creating a unique and charming atmosphere in which to soak up the Maltese sun. Meander the cobbled streets and sun dappled squares, stroll along the beautiful waterfront or treat yourself to dinner in one of Valletta’s many bustling eateries.


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Visit the Mdina Dungeons for a dark, underground treat; relive the darker side of Malta’s history in the twists and turns of the dungeons and cells, bought to life before your eyes. St Paul’s Cathedral & Museum in Mdina is another visit-worthy attraction; it has a beautifully ornate interior and provides a lovely look at the history of the cathedral and the story of St. Paul.


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Town on the Grand Harbor opposite Valletta. With Cospicua and Senglea it was one of the Three Cities of Malta and was of considerable importance during the Middle Ages. In 1530 it became the first residence of the Knights of St. John on Malta and was their refuge during the Turks’ Great Siege of Malta in 1565. It was replaced as the knights’ capital by Valletta in 1570.


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