Heraklion Archaeological Museum

This state-of-the-art museum is one of the largest and most important in Greece. The two-storey revamped 1930s Bauhaus building makes a gleaming showcase for artefacts spanning 5500 years from Neolithic to Roman time.

#01 Sunset on Santoríni

If there are 1000 things to do before you die, having a sundowner overlooking Santoríni’s crater would near the top of the list.

#01 Sunset on Santoríni

#02 Shipwreck Bay, Zákynthos

Lie back and enjoy the unforgettable scenery of one of Greece’s poster beaches.

#02 Shipwreck Bay, Zákynthos

#03 Metéora monasteries

Rising like ecclesiastical eagles’ nests, these monasteries are among the most awe-inspiring religious sites on earth.

#03 Metéora monasteries

#04 Ýdhra

The bare granite cliffs of Ýdhra (aka Hydra) soon part to reveal the fabulous horseshoe of its harbour, perhaps the most scenic in Greece.

#04 Ýdhra

#05 Wine tasting

There’s much more to Greek wine than dodgy retsina and you should visit at least one vineyard while you’re here. For more information, see Wine.

#05 Wine tasting

#06 Climbing Mount Olympus

A trek to the home of the Greek gods is supremely atmospheric and a worthwhile challenge for hikers.

#06 Climbing Mount Olympus

#07 The Pelion

Billed as the Greek Tuscany, this region has it all: lush countryside, excellent beaches, character-packed villages and superb treks.

#07 The Pelion

#08 Mýkonos Nightlife

Experience the most frenetic nightlife east of Ibiza at the party capital of the Greek summer.

#08 Mýkonos Nightlife

#09 Mystra

A ghost town that provides a time capsule for the modern tourist to step through to the Byzantine age.

#09 Mystra

#10 Samariá Gorge, Crete

The 16km descent of this lush and leafy gorge enclosed by towering rock faces is an unforgettable hike.

#10 Samariá Gorge, Crete

#11 Mezédhes

For a true taste of Greece, tuck into a mezédhes (meze) platter of starters and dips accompanied by a glass of ouzo.

#11 Mezédhes

#12 Lion Gate at Mycenae

The imposing relief of lions guarding the main entrance to the Citadel of Mycenae is, incredibly, thirty-odd centuries old.

#12 Lion Gate at Mycenae

#13 The Acropolis, Athens

This small rock with its spectacular ruins is a cultural icon and a symbol of the birth of Western civilization.

#13 The Acropolis, Athens

#14 Kefaloniá

Famous as the setting for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kefaloniá remains a firm favourite despite the crowds.

#14 Kefaloniá

#15 Delphi

Located in an unbeatable natural setting, this ancient site has retained its inscrutable mystique through the centuries.

#15 Delphi

#16 Easter

The biggest festival in Greece, Easter combines devout Orthodox belief with joyful spring celebrations.

#16 Easter

#17 Windsurfing

There are very few places on the islands where you can’t turn a windy day to your advantage, especially off Lefkádha in the Ionians or Náxos, Páros and Ándhros in the Cyclades.

#17 Windsurfing

#18 Rhodes

Once home to the ancient Colossus and the medieval Knights of St John, this is one of the most captivating islands in Greece.

#18 Rhodes

#19 Pátmos

One of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Pátmos is also home to the haunting Monastery of St John the Divine.

#19 Pátmos

#20 Skópelos

Mamma Mia! what an island – you can see why Hollywood’s location scouts chose this as the ultimate sun-drenched Greek escape.

#20 Skópelos

#21 Knossos Palace, Crete

Simply the best restored, vividly coloured and ultimately most exciting of Crete’s Minoan palaces.

#21 Knossos Palace, Crete

#22 Corfu old town

With its elegant Venetian architecture, fine museums and, uniquely, a cricket pitch, Corfu’s capital is the heart of the Ionians.

#22 Corfu old town

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