Consider this your introduction to your upcoming year of travel. This list leads the way to the most exciting, fascinating, and intriguing destinations you might not have thought to visit before. Get ready – it’s a whole new world out there.


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With much fewer tourists than South Africa but equally beautiful terrain, Namibia is an excellent destination for travelers looking for peace and quiet with a dash of adventure. Climb the oldest sand dunes in the world, watch the wildlife at Etosha National Park, and bunk in a luxe safari lodges like Chobe Water Villas, where guests can watch animals from the comfort of their rooms.


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Towering desert sand dunes, glittering beaches, impossibly intricate architecture – everything about Oman has more than a dash of drama. This ancient land remains one of the lesser-known parts of the Middle East, but that’s all about to change. Composed of both archaeological fascinations and opulent luxuries, Oman is sure to be top of mind for any traveller looking for an adventure that borders on the ethereal. 

New Orleans


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Thousands of years ago, Kyrgyzstan regularly welcomed traders along the ancient Silk Road. A lot of time has passed, but the people here aren’t any less hospitable to travellers. Known for hunting with eagles, horseback riding, and an iconic nomadic culture, relatively few tourists visit this landlocked country of rolling grass plains and boundless sky. That’s about to change though. The locals have worked hard to improve infrastructure, making Kyrgyzstan an easy pick for those eager to try something a little non-traditional.


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Landlocked in the High Andes, way above sea level, Bolivia is a place of extremes. Stark salt flats stretch as far as the eye can see, rugged spires and stalagmites huddle in the Valle de la Luna, and deep blue waters sweep the coastline of Lake Titicaca. To say that Bolivian landscapes are surreal would be an understatement. Take your time taking in the views. You’ll need it. 




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