All of the things to do in Canada vary across the 2nd largest country in the world.

Rarely does a country have as much variety and natural beauty as Canada, from the highest tides in world at the Bay of Fundy in the East to the rare temperate rain forests on the West coast.

Make sure to also visit the new attraction on the CN Tower where you can stand on the edge of the tower looking out at Toronto with a harness

If you would like to get to know the real Canada then investigate everything in-between.  The prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are expanses and the bread basket of Canada and also prepare one for the gracious and majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

1. Live on the Edge in Toronto


You’ve heard of the CN Tower – the iconic, 1,815-foot needle shooting straight out of Toronto’s skyline. But did you know it now has an EdgeWalk experience that allows you to walk around the building’s restaurant level… on the outside? Yes, the outside. Pull on the red jumpsuit, strap into a harness and prepare for an urban adventure to end them all (videos and photos are included in the price). Glass floors will never be the same again.

2. Meet a polar bear in Manitoba

polar bear, manitoba CREDIT Canada Tourism Commission.jpg

Churchill, Manitoba (population 813), might seem like a dot on the globe. But come the winter freeze, the subarctic outpost claims a unique tourism distinction: it’s the Polar Bear Capital of the World. November is the best time to trek north. It’s then that the carnivores migrate along the town’s icy thoroughfares towards the ice caps of Hudson Bay. Locals share stories of encountering the animals outside the local diner, but tourists are thankfully more likely to see them from the safety of a robust tundra buggy.


3. Mountain Biking magic in British Columbia

Mountain biking, Whistler, BC, CREDIT Tourism Whistler and Steve Rogers.jpg

As some of the most outdoorsy folks on the planet, Vancouverites have mapped some of the best mountain bike trails on the planet. The towns of Sooke and Campbell River on Vancouver Island are two of the biggest hubs for the sport and make the perfect springboard for the nearby natural terrain. Simply pack some trail mix, strap on the GoPro and keep an eye out for bears.


4. Fall in love in Québec City

iwQuebec City .jpg


An increasingly popular weekend getaway for amorous New Yorkers, Québec City’s charm still remains something of a secret affair. The city’s UNESCO-treasured Old Town hosts a bijou box of colonial streets which make you feel like you’re meandering through a French fairy tale. To soak up the oh là là flair, head to Le Château Frontenac hotel for a glass of Québécois cidre , or try Le Chic Shack for a feast of local poutine.


5. Feel the spray in your face at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls straddles the US/Canadian border, but the best views are from the Canadian side. The drive from Toronto takes about 90 minutes and along the way you’ll pass vineyards selling the local delicacy ‘icewine’, so do pop in for a sample. When you arrive, get up close and personal with the three enormous cascades that make up the falls on the Hornblower Boat Trip. Prepare to get drenched, even with the fetching free raincoat.


6. Party  in Vancouver

Vancouver night, CREDIT Canada Tourism Commission.jpg

Now home to the country’s wildest nightlife, Vancouver’s clubbing scene is out of hibernation with a bang. The main party areas surround Granville Street and Gastown, but keep tabs on pop-up It-spots. Insider tips? Head to Fortune Sound Club  to catch star DJs on the decks; Celebrities  for crunk house parties and drag shows, or former porn theatre Fox Cabaret  for some alternate edge.


7. Paddle your own Canoe in Banff National Park

iw Depos (135).jpg

If you close your eyes and conjure up an image of an idyllic canoeing scene, the icy blue lakes of Banff will surely appear. With the craggy Canadian Rockies, millions of fir trees and perfectly still waters, the setting is the perfect place to pick up a paddle.


8. Stay in the John & Yoko Suite


It’s been nearly 50 years since John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their infamous ‘bed-in’ at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montréal. But did you know you can stay in that exact same suite? The hotel is undergoing a huge transformation at the moment, but come June 30, the suite will be ready to reopen, complete with Virtual Reality experiences that allow you to live your own bed-in from John and Yoko’s point of view.




9. Eat Poutine in Montréal



Poutine is a Canadian delicacy originating in Québec. It’s made with thick chips, slathered in brown gravy and topped off with gloopy cheese, giving a special flavour with big appeal for kids. You won’t go hungry and it’s served almost everywhere. Montréal is a major foodie hotspot, with festivals all year round!

While you’re at itEnjoy poutine with mussels and a local brew – try Canadian cider at Le Vieux Dublin (The Old Dublin) pub.

10. Go on an art crawl in Toronto

Tour Guys, Toronto

West Queen West, Canada’s hippest ‘hood, has got some seriously creative curb appeal. It’s home to the city’s thriving design district and streetscapes here are a motley mosaic of contemporary art houses splashed with grungy street art. Spend a morning ambling the on-point galleries from Propeller  to the Birch Contemporary or take a free graffiti tour with .



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