On New Year’s Eve, the skies above Europe burst into a riot of colors and lights as its mighty cities celebrate the dawn of the New Year with fabulous street parties, wonderful traditions, and lots of hope and joy. Champagne flows, music fills the air, and everything shimmers in a festive glow. From Iceland to Rome, you’ll find distinctly different atmospheres in these celebratory cities. Wherever you end up, you will have a great time, from tasting the best local food to celebrating the beginning of 2018 with friendly locals.So pack your bags and put your foot on any of these following countries and welcome your New Year!



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This city is known for its nightlife all year round, meaning that New Years Eve is the height of the festivities. A huge street party that sprawls between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victoria Column holds the best of Berlin. Dance to live music at different stages, enjoy laser shows, and find German food at the many stalls. New Years, known as “Silvester” to the locals, is typically raucous and exciting in Berlin.


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Prague is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and one of the most beautiful in the world. The “city of a hundred spires” comes alive on New Year’s Eve, which is also known as Silvestr. The streets will be packed with a rag-tag crowd of revelers, and bars, clubs and restaurants will be filled with party-goers. Much of the fun takes place at Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Fireworks are set off all around town (and perhaps with a bit of dangerous abandon), with one of the best displays occurring at Letna Gardens, which can be watched from nearby bridges and embankments.


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The way Swedes celebrate their new year eve is something worth witnessing. As the dusk ensues, most of the streets and corners get crowded by revelers who wish to celebrate this festival amidst other people. Party trumpets and fireworks play a cacophony of sights and noises making you feel like being in a dizzy state of mind.


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More than 250,000 people will crowd along the banks of the Thames to ring in the new year. Big Ben performs countdown services and the stroke of midnight marks the beginning a spectacular 10-minute display of lights and fireworks. The London Eye, the Shard and Parliament are among the iconic buildings lit up to welcome the new year.  Head to the soiree at the London Sky Bar, where you’ll find food and a live DJ, plus fabulous views of the revelry in the streets below.


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Party and dance with the people of Vienna at the change of the year. Europe has some Best Places to Spend New Year and one such place is Vienna. The highlight of NYE in view is the trail in the Old city, with a gala dinner, festive balls, opera and concerts, tourists have plenty from Vienna. City Hall square and Prater Fireworks looks fabulous from any part of Vienna.


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What really sets the lively Spanish capital apart, however, is the unique tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight, one for each month of the year. Madrileños  believe this will bring them prosperity and good fortune in the year to come, so, on the evening of December 31st, they put on their lucky red underwear, grab a bottle of cava, and flock to Puerta del Sol to swallow their 12 grapes of luck, one with each stroke of the clock. This is by far the biggest and greatest New Year’s Eve celebration in Spain and is broadcasted live on television.

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