Kazakhstan offers everything you could hope for in a great travel destination, which includes mountain tops, glaciers, coniferous woods, large rocky canyons, pristine mountain lakes and amazing rivers among many others. In this country, tourists can get recreation opportunities throughout the year. Each of 14 regions has a unique beautiful of nature. It is impossible to seize in a multivolume book to reflect a full picture of this beauty. 

Lake Kaindy

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Hidden in the Tien Shan Mountains, Lake Kaindy is a relative newcomer to the landscape made by a landslide in 1911. With water that shifts from turquoise to emerald green depending on the light, it’s particularly scenic to walk here, either on a day trip from Almaty or on a longer trek. Siberian roe deer graze on the lake shore, there’s a large amount of bird life, and the lake is also good for trout fishing. This is somewhere you’ll want to retreat to and spend a while, watching the reflections and ripples on the water.


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Kazakhstan was on the Silk Road, and there was a substantial commercial centre at Turkistan at least by the 4th century AD. An important Sufi saint, Khodja Ahmed Yassawi, preached and was buried here. His medieval mausoleum remains an important pilgrimage site, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Kazakhstan has relatively few surviving historic sites from this period, unlike neighbouring Uzbekistan, so Turkistan should be treasured even more.





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Located in South East Kazakhstan, Almaty is an excellent setting between plains and mountains. This biggest city in the country is filled with modern architecture, cool fountains, wide streets, squares and parks and great mountain views in autumn and spring. The town has lots of theaters, museums, exhibition halls, art galleries and business centers and also a wide variety of entertainment complexes including movie theaters, night clubs, restaurants and cafes.


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his town is only 15km away from Almaty, where you will encounter a charming valley known as Medea. Here you will find the most unique and largest speed skating rink in the whole world that is located at 1,700 meters above sea level. Medeo also has a very big ice stadium that can comfortably accommodate more than 30,000 spectators. Some of the top skaters from across the world usually come to test themselves at this location.

 Charyn Canyon


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Known as the Grand Canyon’s ‘Little Brother’, the Charyn Canyon is the second largest in the world. There are lots of different ways for gappers to explore the orange rock formations, whether you want to get up close or take in the view at a safe distance. Visitors can choose to hike the trails, or join a coach/minibus tour, or hire a care and a private driver to give you a guided tour without the waiting around or strict time schedule.

Bayaterek Tower

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Yet another astounding building that cannot be missed in Astana is the Bayterek Tower. Shaped like a tree holding an egg, this building is 97 metres high to represent the year that Astana became to capital of Kazakhstan – that’s 1997, if you didn’t get that. Travellers and locals can take advantage of this height by visiting the observation deck to view the entire city.




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